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Helping you to choose the right product

Taking care of patients, visitors and staff means you need to

set high standards on hygiene. What’s needed in your

establishment will be unique to the services you offer and the

environment your colleagues work in. Whether you’re in a nursing

home, hospital or clinic, you’ll find something to make hygiene

easier in our range.

What works best for your business?

We develop our product ranges to match the different

needs of our customers.

Our healthcare products are designed to suit these

five common room types:

Hospital patient room

A small space with lots happening. You need to keep on

top of hygiene without creating clutter.

Hospital scrub room

Where hygiene is absolutely critical, you need products

that are tough on germs but care for your colleagues’ skin.

Hospital and clinic public areas

With lots of through traffic, you need to balance comfort

with cleanliness for infection control.

Treatment room

Here you need to keep patients and colleagues safe with

a robust hygiene regime before, during, and after each


Nursing home resident room

Not just a room, but a home. It’s important to keep up

hygiene without looking too clinical.

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