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Helping to save time for your team

There’s a lot to keep on top of front of house. Here’s a

selection of most popular products for saving your team’s

time without compromising on style.

All available in custom print.

1. Pre-folded 1/8 Napkin

This napkin looks perfect straight

from the pack and is an easy way to

save time. Available in a number of

different qualities, sizes and colors,

you can also add custom print for

greater impact.

2. Cutlery Bag Napkin

Perfect for high-traffic environments

like hotels and restaurants. Quick and

easy to use, the cutlery slips into the

pre-folded napkin pocket in less than

half the time it takes to wrap it.

3. Placemat

Using our hygienic placemats is an

easy and convenient way to improve

your table setting. Supplied in trays for

easy storage, our placemats can also

be custom printed.

4. Coaster

Help saves cleaning time by protecting

bars and tables from spills and drips,

and are also perfect to place under

coffee cups. They can be custom

printed to get your message out there.

5. Cutlery Bag with Napkin

Inserting cutlery in advance, this is a

cost effective option for high-traffic

restaurants, hotel and cafés. It’s

ideal for outdoor dining, keeping the

napkins where you leave them. A

custom print service is also available.

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