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Supporting the guest experience

We know our customers want to create a special

experience, whenever they welcome their guests. That’s

why we’ve developed specialist napkins that work hard

around the clock – whether it’s lunch, dinner, or cocktail

hour. With a range of colors, decors, qualities and formats,

you can be confident we’ve got everything covered.

Tork LinStyle



- High quality, single-use napkins

- Luxurious textile look and feel

- Comes in a range of contemporary and

classic colors

Linstyle – fine dining

Ideal for when you want to give the

impression of linen quality but prefer

single use napkins.

Tableware – fine and casual dining

Make the difference in your guest

experience with quick turnaround

on table settings.

Choose from our range of

coordinating tableware in a range

of colors and patterns: Placemats,

Table runners, Slipcover, Table

cover rolls, Coasters and Cutlery



- Easy and hygienic way to improve your

table setting

- Comes in a range of sizes and qualities

- Custom print option


Tissue napkins – casual dining

Depending on the occasion,

simply choose the quality needed,

as well as the format, color and

fold. Tork napkins will meet all

needs and support creating a

special experience for guest,

bringing comfort and color touch in


Dinner, lunch and cocktail tissue napkins

- Textured Dinner napkins for thick

absorbent quality

- Tissue multiply napkins, high quality and

absorbent,wide range available

- Tissue one ply napkins, for basic

napkin needs

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