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Helping you to choose the right product

What works best for your business?

We develop our product ranges to match the different

needs of our customers.

Find the right product for your restaurant based on your

service style:


If customers serve themselves in your restaurant, things

need to happen fast, and napkins need to always be

to hand, especially during peak times. Refilling, waste

management, and storage need to be effortless, easy, and



If you run a restaurant with table service, you know that

the total experience is what keeps customers coming

back. This means the design, color, and quality feel of

your table setting, is one of many important things that

creates your restaurant’s ambiance and expression.

It’s not enough just to provide satisfactory service – you need

to create a great experience to keep reviews positive and

customers coming through the door.

Whether you’re running a full-service or self-service

establishment, your napkins and tableware are small but

important details. Our tabletop range is the most comprehensive

in Europe, with something for any task or occasion. All designed

to make it easy to choose what you need, and create the right

experience for your guests.

Tork is used by more

Horeca customers in

Europe than any other

tissue brand

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