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Wiping and cleaning

Introducing our flexible dispenser systems

We have a wiper or cloth for every task, and a wide range

of dispensers to make sure you’ll always find what you

need – whether your workplace is a 5-star hotel or an

industrial workshop.

Tork Wall Stand (Refill W1)

652100 Turq./White

652108 Red/Black

- Saves floor space

- Easy, ergonomic loading

- Safe and reliable dispensing

from the glass fiber reinforced


Tork Maxi Centerfeed

Dispenser (Refill W2)

653008 Red/Black

653000 Turq./White

- Hygienic dispenser for maxi

centerfeed rolls

- Optimized for single hand


Tork Boxed Combi Roll

Dispenser (Refill W3)

207210 Black

- Open dispenser designed for

Tork Combi Roll In Box

Tork Folded Wiper/Cloth

Dispenser (Refill W4)

654008 Red/Black

654000 Turq./White

- Protects the wipes and

reduces consumption by

dispensing one sheet at a time

- Flexible mounting options

include wall brackets, suction

cups and magnets

Tork Handy Bucket



- Portable pack

- Great for cleaning trolleys and

tight spaces

Tork Handy Box

- Portable dispenser carton

Tork Reflex



- Single sheet dispenser

on the go

- Easy to hang on a chair or a


Tork Portable Mini

Centerfeed Dispenser


- Free flow dispenser created for

portable or fixed use

- Ideal for high traffic kitchen,

bar or serving area

Wall mounted


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