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What we offer

We’ve got a comprehensive range of specialist wipes and

cloths, each designed to perform for a specific task. Add one

of our dispensers to create an efficient system that controls

consumption and cost.


Cleaning is removing dirt and stains

from surfaces, machines or tools with

cloths that are dry or used together

with water, solvents or detergents.


Wiping is mopping up spills, soaking up liquids

and picking up dirt and dust with paper.


Polishing is creating a protected and shiny surface

with the help of a cloth that applies polish onto the

surface and is then rubbed to obtain a good finish.





exelCLEAN™ technology for quicker professional cleaning result

Tests prove we set the standard of excellence for today’s safer, healthier,

and more efficient workplaces.

With exelCLEAN™ and our patented foam-spun technology you can:

- Save time – go from cleaning & preparation to production faster

- Use less solvent – save money, reduce solvent exposure

- Spend less effort – make work easier, finish cleaning tasks sooner

- Trust fresh-from-the-box quality – feel safe, feel confident, get right to

the task

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