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Wiping and cleaning

Product recommendations

Attention to detail for better performance

Our industrial products are used to tackle a range of tasks,

from preparing parts, cleaning before painting, improving

maintenance work or quality control processes and mopping

up leaked oil or other spills. We can offer something to meet

all these needs, as well as offering industrial level hand and

surface cleaning wet wipes.

Tork Low-Lint Cleaning Cloth

A low linting, flexible and drapable cloth that

works well with solvents, detergents and


- Multipurpose – handles most cleaning


Preparing parts before production

Maintenance of machines

Cleaning before painting

Tork Industrial Heavy-Duty Wiping Paper

Our strongest paper has superior absorption

and protects hands from heat and dirt.

- Extra strong/absorbent thanks to QuickDry

- Removes oil effectively

Tork Industrial Heavy-Duty Cleaning Cloth

Our thickest and strongest cloth has a high

absorption capacity and cleans more

efficiently thanks to the exelCLEAN


- Protects hands from heat/metals

- Works well with most solvents


All papers and cloths are available in different systems,

floor and wall dispensers to meet your specific needs.

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