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Our sustainability approach

Creating value through sustainability

For Tork, sustainability is about more than the

environment. It’s about delivering practical benefits

for people and adding value to your business,

every day. Tork makes sustainability work for you.

Our approach is about benefiting people by improving

hygiene and ease of life and benefiting nature, through

reducing environmental impact across the product

lifecycle. It all adds up to greater value, by helping you

use less, waste less, and achieve lower costs.

Save time and effort with

packaging that’s easier

to handle

Tork Easy Handling

packaging is

designed to make handling easier

for everyone. The smart design

means that:

- Boxes are easy to carry, thanks

to convenient, comfortable grips

- Boxes are easy to open without

a knife, thanks to taped sealing

- Carry bags are easier to hold,

thanks to convenient handles

- Used, flattened boxes are easy

to carry in large numbers

Reduce consumption with

dispensing systems that

control use

Using Tork Xpressnap



reduces napkin usage by at least

25% compared with traditional napkin

dispensers, cutting consumption

and waste.

Read the SCA

Sustainability Report


Making skincare

accessible to all

Tork skincare dispensers are easy to

use for everyone, even for people with

reduced hand strength such as the

elderly and children.

Save time with easy

product choices

75% of Tork products in EU carry

a recognized third party Eco-label.

You can select Tork products with

confidence, knowing that they meet

high environmental standards set by

an independent organization.

Responsibly produced

paper products from a

sustainable company

SCA, the maker of Tork, has

environmental management

accreditations such as ISO 14001

in 85% of its tissue production

plants. SCA is recognized by many

external indices and rankings as a

sustainable company.

Reduce waste and usage

High quality paper towels absorb

more moisture quickly so you use less

and waste less.

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