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Helping you to choose the right product

Our tried and tested combinations are based on our

customers’ common needs. Whether you want to make

an impression, show you care for your visitors, maintain

hygiene standards or keep control of cost, we’ve got

something that’s right for you.

Checking traffic levels

How often you need to maintain and refill your

washroom depends on how many people visit between

cleaning cycles.

To help find what works best for your business, use these

two categories of traffic volume:

Low/Medium traffic

For small or medium washrooms with low/medium visitor

numbers and regular maintenance cycles.

High traffic

For larger, busier washrooms with a high volume

of visitors.

We develop our product ranges to match the different

needs of our customers.

Find the right product for your washroom based on your

traffic level and your washroom profile:

Wow Factor style washroom

- When making an impression is important

Washroom Plus

- For extra care and services

Essential washroom

- For basic washroom needs

Hygiene critical washrooms

- When hygiene is critical

What works best for your business?

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